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weight management :- weight loss as well as weight gain diet

weight management :- weight loss as well as weight gain diet

In the weight management package,

18-40year old women, who are working and are strugllingwith weight loss due to hectic schedules.

the client/ patient gets a balanced diet chart, dietary management guidelines, following follow- ups

it includes weight loss aswellas weight gain programms,

the client/ patient will be given certain diet recipes included complete calories count, protein content as well as the ingredients

& method of prepartion .

in this division if you are a woman/ man who is busy juggling  with work and life wants to loss the weight this service is for you 

in the weight loss / weight gain service, you will get desire weight as per the BMI respect to age, weight, height, age. in my experience of creating diet charts over 5 years.

expectations of client

in the weight loss/ weight gain service you will get a very specific diet plan according to BMI, client/ pateint likes and dislikes aswellas food avilabilty , a DIETARY GUIDELINES designed by me, foods which has to included aswellas excluded from your daily regime.. a complete follow- up has to taken, diet recipes has to given to you definately low calorie, which includes:- calories, carbs count, protein count, ingedients, method of preparation etc.



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