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Pregnancy/ infant feeding

Pregnancy/ infant feeding

Eating right will help you gain healthy weight.

The best indicator of how well your pregnancy is progressing is your weight. You must gain the recommended amount of weight and you’ll improve your chances of having a full-term baby with a low risk of health problems after birth. You must gain about 9-14 kilos, depending on your pre-pregnancy weight.

Eat small and frequent meals including healthy foods to ensure you eat right during pregnancy.

Eating right will help avoid iron deficiency.

Fatigue, reduced resistance to colds and infections and even mood swings often result from iron deficiency. You can easily prevent iron deficiency with a healthy diet that includes lots of iron-rich foods.

Eating right will help you stay energised.

It takes energy to develop a healthy baby and that energy comes from calories. Up to 350 additional calories per day above your pre-pregnancy is the recommended intake.

Eating right during pregnancy will help you manage common pregnancy problems.

Fortunately, few mothers experience serious complications during pregnancy. But most mothers do face minor problems such as heartburn,constipation,fatigue and mood swings. You can minimise these problems by maintaining a good diet.

Eating right during pregnancy will help speedy recovery after delivery.

Your body will require optimum energy and adequate nutritional resources to mend itself after your baby is born. Good nutrition is essential for the recuperating process.

It all depends on you to take care of yours and your baby’s health. And the best way to do that is to take care of your nutrition. Go for a balanced diet and prepare yourself for lifetime celebration by following proper diet prescrption.


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